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Increase your employees’ productivity with commercial van upfitting. Partitions, ladder racks, conduit carriers, custom shelves and drawers, refrigeration units – the possibilities for your custom van upfitting are endless. The team at Commercial Van Solutions will work with you to design a van that fits your team’s needs.
Here are some items to keep in mind as you consider a custom van upfitting:
  1. Perhaps the most important factor to consider is inventory. How much inventory will your typical employee need when they are using their van? What does a typical load look like, considering all the tools, parts, and equipment that need to be ready at hand? What about any bulky items that an employee might need to carry inside or outside of their vehicle? Make a list of all these items and the amount of space they will require, and our team at Commercial Van Solutions will work from that list to create a van interior that works for you.
  2. Your custom van will become the “right hand” of your employee. An important factor to consider is ergonomics. Are the items that are most often used readily at hand? It’s important to keep ergonomics in mind to avoid lost productivity through repetitive injuries caused by muscle strain. The good news is that ergonomic issues are helped greatly by newer vans with tall roof heights, such as the Ford TransitConnect, Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, and the Nissan NV, all of which are available from Commercial Van Solutions. Something to consider with these tall roofed vans is to design your van upfitting with a ladder rack that allows the ladder to slide down to the employee to avoid injury.
  3. What about any fragile items? Will your employees carry items that are delicate and need to be protected from damage? What about lockable storage for these items? Make sure your uplifted van design accommodates this with cushioned drawers or other padded area.
  4. Some employees may request a custom van that does not have a partition between the front seats and back cargo area. In fact, this partition is essential for safety, just as an airbag is essential for front seat passengers. Additional safety equipment you may consider with your van upfitting include backup cameras, extra mirrors, external lighting for the worksite, and parking sensors.

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