Do you often have to haul meats in a van? Do you find yourself renting or owning one of those inefficient box trucks to get your product from location to location? What you may not realize is that these trucks are far more expensive than they are worth. The temperature never holds properly due to the seal on the rear door and the older compressors that power them. There is a better option: refrigerated meat delivery vans.

Keep your meats perfectly preserved and ready for display in a refrigerated van! These vans are fitted and built from the ground up to meet your exact needs in this booming industry!


The refrigerated meat delivery van is such a more efficient choice over the classic box truck that it actually begins to cut costs. The compressor in a truck has to work double time just to keep the product at temperature, due to the size and seals of the rear compartment. The horribly inefficient seals for the back door cause the cold to leak out and let warmer air in. This tall room attached to a truck needs a lot of cold air moving to keep correctly.

The refrigerated van is newly designed with the strongest seals around! The rear door type allows for no cold air to get out, nor warm in. This allows the same size engine and compressor to work much more smoothly and operate with lower power usage and gas. This saves so much money per day, trip or even mile! It also allows for a longer life out of the van.


Keeping meats at the correct temperature is the most important part of the job. If any meat is out of temperature for a certain amount of time it begins to rot and becomes garbage. The refrigerated van keeps meats perfectly cool! Whatever temperature you are looking to achieve, refrigerated meat delivery vans can match it without failure.

Not only a refrigerator, the van can double as a freezer for all of your frozen meat needs! Transport a few steaks or some poultry while keeping them at a cool 10 degrees Fahrenheit. From 35-degree lunchmeat to a frozen chicken, these vans can do it all. Keep your beef perfectly chilled and your costumers happy and healthy.


While you may not find it important a defined style for your company is an essential marketing tool. Driving around in a white box truck is ugly and leaves off a bad image. Transporting your meats in a luxurious van is much more exquisite! Imagine painting your company’s name and logo across a brand new van! Not only are you advertising your company but also showing off your updated means of transportation!

As the Mid-Atlantic’s leader for quality-made refrigerated vans, Commercial Van Solutions is uniquely poised to provide the best refrigerated vans for your business.

This is a great call for your company and your brand. Never worry again if your product is in temperature. Update yourself and the way you do business. Contact us to learn more about refrigerated meat delivery vans for your business.