The use of cargo vans is growing eight times faster than other parts of the auto industry because they’re so useful and versatile.

Cargo vans are used across American industry. They’re mainstays for everything from construction to painting, and even fashion. Moreover, they all need to be upfitted with the right equipment to make the most out of their space.

Cargo vans are even being used for hobbies like camping!

If you’re reading this, you want to get the most out of your cargo van, and we’re here to help. Read on for some cargo van shelving ideas that will help you make the most out of your cargo van space.

1. Adjustable Shelving

Adjustable shelving can make the most out of your cargo van space without locking you into one single solution.

With adjustable shelving, you can change the size of your shelves easily, making your van space versatile and able to work with a variety of things you may need to store.

2. Locking Drawers

If you have equipment that you need to keep a little more secure than what other shelving solutions may afford, locking drawers may be the solution for you.

Locking drawers are great for keeping items safe and locked away, so if you need your cargo van to safely store items, consider locking drawers.

3. Paintbrush Rack

If you’re in an industry where paintbrushes need to be safely and cleanly transported, a magnetized paintbrush rack may be just the thing you need to make the most out of your cargo van.

Magnetized paintbrush racks can easily store your brushes in a way that optimizes the space of your van.

4. Ladder Racks

If the inside of your cargo van is getting too crowded, consider having a ladder rack installed. A ladder rack will free up space inside by allowing you to store big bulky items, like a ladder, on the outside.

If your cargo van needs involve transporting large items like a ladder, you have every reason to have a ladder rack installed!

5. Custom Shelving

If none of these cargo van shelving ideas seem quite right for you, then consider putting together a custom shelving solution.

There are countless combinations you can put together inside and outside your cargo van to create the perfect solution for your space and storage needs.

We guarantee there is a combination of options out there that will fit the exact needs you’re looking for.

Travel Far With These Cargo Van Shelving Ideas

Whatever you need to do with your van, there’s a shelving solution out there to make your work more effective and your life easier.

Whatever you’re using your cargo van to transport, we’re sure there’s the perfect storage solution out there. We’ve only listed a few cargo van shelving ideas here, but feel free to contact us if you want help figuring out the perfect solution for you.

If you’re ready to fully optimize your cargo van, check out a cargo van shelving solution today!