3 Reasons Why You Should Invest In CTech Van Storage

You’re a busy trade professional and your van is as much part of your equipment as your tools.

When you’re on a job, you want to spend your time performing your services. But you’ll need to keep getting the things you need from your van.

Do you want to waste precious time looking for tools or parts? No. Because it looks bad, it wastes time, and it’s not an enjoyable way to work.

Installing a form of storage makes organization easier. But which type of storage? Try asking these three questions before you decide. Read on to discover the benefits of CTech van storage cabinets.

1) Keep Items Safe in Transit

Picture the scene. You arrive at your destination and your tools are all over your van.

Worse still, your favorite pieces of kit have been damaged in transit. There was nothing to prevent them from rolling around inside the van.

Installing cabinets makes this nightmare scenario a thing of the past. Your tools won’t get lost in a mess of equipment and parts.

It’s also easier to track items so you know when to update tools.

CTech van storage cabinets are assembled using fasteners. That makes it easier to repair or replace damaged panels.

Their extruded aluminum frame is also stronger than most steel alloys. Extruded frames can handle the torque and flexing while your van is moving without losing support for your equipment.

Because aluminum is lighter than steel, you’ll save money on fuel. For every 100 kg you reduce, you can save 100 km of fuel.

2) Boost Productivity by Working Faster

Not only will you arrive with your tools in one piece, you’ll also find it easier to locate the right tool.

Expect a boost to your productivity due to less time being wasted looking for things.

If it’s easier to go to the store to buy a new tool than to find the one you have? That’s a sign it’s time to invest in new storage for your van. CTech van storage can be customized to suit specific vehicles.

3) Improve Safety for the Driver

No matter how careful a driver you are, sometimes you have to respond to a situation. If the van has to stop suddenly, your equipment won’t slide around and get damaged if you store it in a cabinet.

But nor will it get into the cab and injure the driver. That’s especially important if the driver is you!

Using the correct van storage keeps everything in its proper place. And with three cabinet series to choose from, you’ll easily find a modular system that fits your van.

That keeps damage to a minimum – both to your tools and to you.

Expand the Potential with CTech Van Storage

Adding CTech van storage can increase your productivity and keep you and your tools in one piece. Spend that saved time on your job and the saved money on your van.

Interested in upfitting your business van? Contact us and we can get you started!