Last month, Commercial Van Solutions finished a new police SUV upfit for West Hempfield Township Police Department in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. The West Hempfield Township Police Department was looking to update a police sedan that had recently been decommissioned, upgrading it to a state-of-the-art SUV for one of their patrol officers.
Commercial Van Solutions reviewed the needs of the West Hempfield Township Police Department and delivered a new police SUV that exceeded expectations. Designed to provide more room for the officer compared to the previous sedan, the new SUV includes some additional features that would not be possible on a sedan built for first responders.
In addition, Commercial Van Solutions worked to repurpose items from the previous sedan that were still operational, including many of the police lights and light bar, to save on final build costs.
The new SUV was built from the ground-up on the Ford Explorer platform, and includes the following features:
  • Dual prisoner transport system to isolate two prisoners in the rear seat
  • New push bumper
  • New console
  • Repurposed lights and light bar from previous sedan with new brackets for this SUV
  • Repositioning of the siren/horn to improve sound reach/distance; siren/horn is now fixed to the push bumper without obstruction
  • New back container evidence lockup box
Whether it’s just one vehicle or the entire fleet: if your police department is in need of a new upfitting like this for your police vehicles, contact Commercial Van Solutions today. We have the expertise and the facility to handle this project for your department with a fast turnaround time. Call us at (717) 509-3313 or visit the Contact Us page to email us a message today.
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