Did you know that over 11 million trucks and SUVs were sold in 2018? Trucks are employed in a dizzying variety of ways by many industries for transportation and storage.

If you use a truck for your work you no doubt want to make the best use of its storage spaces. Did you know that you can upfit items to your truck to increase its useability? Accessories such as ladder racks for vans can increase the usefulness of your van.

What else can upfitting do for you? What can Ladder Racks do for you? You probably have many questions. Why not take a minute to find out some answers

What Is a Ladder Rack?

Ladder racks are attached to the top of trucks and cargo vans to expand its storage and load-bearing ability. Often this is used by tradesmen to carry ladders, but can also be used for other materials too so long as they are safely and legally secured

If you use a ladder on a regular basis you will know how important it is to stow it safely. This avoids accidents, protects your equipment, and avoids litigation.

Will Ladder Racks Work for My Trade?

There are different types of ladder racks to suit different trade and van types. A ladder rack can be custom created for your van or you can fit an entire fleet with a single type of rack. the options are endless.

What Ladder Rack Will Help Me to Lower the Ladder?

If you need to be able to lower the ladder from your truck easily, the Drop-Down ladder rack may be for you. It will allow you to bring the ladder to a safe height diagonally.

Or you may prefer a Utility-Rack. This is a versatile rack that can be used to carry a number of different materials. 

What Ladder Rack for My Full Sized Van?

If you have a large-sized van, you may be interested in having a Perimeter Rack fitted. This is a ladder that is designed specifically for full-sized vans. The racks fit into the vans gutter. It is easy to fit and does not require frilling.

What Safety Options Are Available?

Safety of stowed ladders and safety for users of ladders is no doubt of paramount importance to you. If you prefer to keep your ladder in the van, you can make use of a Ladder Keeper. This will hold your ladder against the inside of the ceiling of your van. 

If you are concerned that the ladder will shift during transport you may be interested in a GripLock. This tool grips the ladder rungs to prevent slippage during transport.

Ladder Racks for Vans and Much More

Adding ladder racks for vans is a great way to make more use of the space that your van provides. It can allow you to carry much more than the van could handle without upfitting. This can turn your van into a great tool for your business or family. 

If you are interested in knowing how upfitting your van can help you and your business, then we are here to help. We leverage our experience as upfitters to provide services that can benefit your business.

If you are a contractor and would like to customize your van so that it can hold everything that you need, why not contact us to see what we can do for you.