Commercial van sales are still strong, even in a down economy. Part of the reason for their importance is that commercial vans, when properly outfitted, have the ability to improve your bottom line.

For most companies, inventory is one of the biggest costs. Lost and damaged inventory has a direct impact on customer service and the bottom line.

One of the most important pieces of any commercial van is the custom van shelving. It organizes and protects inventory while improving ergonomics and productivity.

Read on to learn more about how upgraded shelving can be both practical and create a better brand image.

Practical Custom Van Shelving

Custom van shelving can help plumbers, electricians, HVAC, and delivery personal performs better.

One of the biggest misconceptions is that custom shelving is out of your budget. Use our quick quote tool to estimate the costs of your custom van shelving. We have custom van shelving for vans of any size.

Our team will consider these important factors while helping you to design the right shelving system for your business.

1. Consider Weight

The first step to consider the weight of both the shelving and of the objects that you are storing. Most custom van shelving is made of either steel or aluminum. Depending on the items that you are storing will dictate which material is best.

2. Better Inventory Control

Shelving allows you to keep better track of your inventory. Shelving makes it easier to see, count, and monitor. The right shelving also protects your inventory resulting in less damage to products. 

Shelves can be open for easy access to larger items or include drawers for smaller items. Most shelving systems can also be configured to include locking mechanisms to protect high-value inventory or tools.

Most importantly, if technicians are able to carry more inventory, they can reduce revisits to customers. This not only reduces your costs but also improves customer satisfaction by getting the job done the first time.

3. Improved Productivity

Shelving and organization will also help your technicians work more efficiently. It can improve their ergonomics. Properly designed shelving can help to avoid awkward postures and reduce workplace fatigue.

Shelving also ensures that technicians can quickly access the items they need when they need them. Shelving can also ensure that technicians personal items, like briefcases or water bottles.

An organized workspace, even a mobile one, will improve your bottom line and pay for its self multiple times over.

Do You Need Shelving for Your Work Van?

We understand van shelving and only use the best brands like Ranger Design, Kargo Master, and Masterack. If you are in Pennsylvania, Maryland, West Virginia, Virginia, North Carolina, or Delaware we can design a custom shelving unit for your commercial van.

Contact us and one of our qualified team can help you to design and install custom van shelving for your cargo van.