Abilitrax Wheelchair Vans

Commercial Van Solutions is an AbiliTrax authorized dealer. AbiliTrax is the leading provider of innovative and flexible wheelchair and disability van seating solutions. An AbiliTrax wheelchair van will allow your business to transport medically disabled individuals in comfort. With the innovative AbiliTrax flooring platform, you can easily change your van layout based on the needs of your individuals to transport.

The Made in America AbiliTrax flooring platform was developed after several years of design engineering and testing. With this unique patent pending design in seating, you can change the seating arrangement of your vehicle easily, quickly, on an as-needed basis. Abilitrax wheelchair vans are smart and flexible to meet the needs of large fleets, while being simple enough for a family to use.

AbiliTrax Wheelchair Vans

AbiliTrax is the first system of its kind to utilize a uniform design in wheelchair vans. The AbiliTrax “X” track rails are installed in an even floor grid and are expertly manufactured to a uniform consistency. Imagine your fleet of AbiliTrax wheelchair vans, all with the same platform, allowing you flexibility to move resources from vehicle to vehicle based on your daily needs. Options for your AbiliTrax wheelchair van include stretcher racks, wheelchair ramps, and fixed seating. AbiliTrax solutions will revolutionize the way you do business, creating efficiencies that are not available through other solutions.

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