Today, there are almost 40 million Americans that live with a disability. This is one of the reasons why having a transportation option that caters to all folks is critical.

People that have a disability face different challenges every day. Traveling long distances in a comfortable manner is often close to the top of this list. Having a handicap van that has the right equipment can make a world of difference.

This is where the AbiliTrax system comes in.

Below, we’ll take a look at the best AbiliTrax features for your handicap van.

What is the AbiliTrax Platform?

Before looking at the best features AbiliTrax can offer, let’s discuss the system itself.

AbiliTrax can integrate with a variety of accessories for handicap people. For instance:

  • Wheelchair tie-downs
  • Handrails
  • Lifts
  • Other safety features.

The system improves mobility through a unique floor grid system. This allows you to configure the inside in seconds, doesn’t matter if it’s a commercial or family vehicle.

5 Must-Have AbiliTrax Features for Your Handicap Van

Now, it’s time to focus on the best AbiliTrax features for your van. Here are our picks for the top features you should consider for your handicap van.

1. AbiliTrax Flooring Rails

The most important part of all AbiliTrax features is the flooring rails. This uniform flooring grid works as the centerpiece for the entire system. It allows integration with:

  • Seat bases
  • Tie downs
  • Elements that maintain the cargo in one place

It’s worth noting that the floor tracks are a standard measurement. This means that all AbiliTrax features will work on the flooring rails. You’ll be able to use interchangeable elements in your fleet. Or, you can use AbiliTrax in different vehicles to accommodate family members that have a disability.

2. Wheelchair Tie-Downs

One of the best features the AbiliTrax system offers is the wheelchair tie-downs. The flooring grid allows you to use both A and L style fasteners for more flexibility.

These simple elements are critical as they help maintain wheelchairs in place. Not to mention that they can also fasten down other types of cargo.

3. Step-N-Lock Seat Bases

If you need to remove and install seating quickly, the Step-N-Lock Seat Bases are ideal for you. This seat base design allows you to place and remove seats from a standing position in a matter of seconds.

4. CAM-Lock Seats

While they feature a similar installation system as the Step-N-Lock, CAM-Lock seats add another dimension to your van.

These options also allow for easy arranging thanks to their seat bases. But, CAM-Lock seats come in a variety of options. For instance, you can get sturdy van seats or elegant limo chairs if you want to deliver luxury services.

5. Shift-N-Step Dual Entry System

Finally, the Shift-N-Step Dual Entry System provides easy transportation for folks that have limited mobility.

The system can be set up either on the back or the side of your van. Once in place, the driver has to activate the mechanism and grant access through either entry.

Get the Best Handicap Features for Your Van Today

People that have disabilities struggle with mobility and portability. This goes double when it comes to getting in or out of a vehicle. In a nutshell, AbiliTrax allows you to make fast changes to the internal layout of your handicap van.

Want to find reliable AbiliTrax installations? Get in touch with us today and we’ll be glad to help.