New Upfitted Van vs. Upfitting Your Existing Van Fleet

If you’re a fleet manager, you know how important it is to have fully stocked and operable cargo vans. From shelving and ladder racks to refrigeration equipment and more, it’s vital to have everything your workers need within reach. Yet, the cost of such amenities isn’t insignificant. That leads many managers wondering if it’s more economical to simply buy a new, upfitted van or invest in upfitting your existing fleet to meet your requirements.

Today, we’re going over a few basic considerations to keep in mind to make your decision a little easier. Take these into account and you’ll be ready to hit the road in no time.

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1. Consider the Fleet’s Age and Condition

Is your existing fleet on its last leg? Has it been more than three to five years since you invested in some new vans? If so, you’ll likely want to consider replacing your current vehicles with newer model, upfitted ones.

The same logic applies to the condition of your vehicles. If you’ve experienced repair issues and have kept many of them in the shop for maintenance work recently, it will be cheaper and easier in the long run to replace them. On the other hand, if your fleet is running smoothly and is relatively new, you may be better off making a few upfits to your current setup.

2. Research New Safety Features

Cargo vans today are upfitted with new vehicle safety features that improve and safeguard the driving experience. For instance, many come equipped with ergonomic designs that make it easier for drivers to climb in and out.

Other safety technology includes rear-view cameras, backup alarms, reversing sensors and more. If your current fleet doesn’t have these tools, you could be missing out — and putting your employees in danger. Investing in a new van can make all the difference in the security and comfort of your staff.

3. Plan Ahead for the Future

Does your current fleet have all of the built-in features your company needs to provide quick and efficient service? Or, are you barely scraping by with your existing setup, constantly running back to the shop to pick up items or switch out inventory?

Especially if you foresee operations ramping up in the near future, a newly upfitted van will be able to provide you with all the customized solutions you need to get the job done. From newer, more lightweight materials to modular designs you can tailor to your specific needs, you’ll be glad you decided to make the switch.

Upfitted Van Solutions and More

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