Choosing a vehicle for your business is a little different than choosing a vehicle for your personal life.

You should be considering the benefits with both but you’ll definitely have to look for very specific features when it comes to operating your business. 

You may be ready to decide on the perfect vehicle to use for your company and we have some details on just that. There are a lot of options on the market so here is a review of one of the best choices.

Check out the six reasons below the Ford cargo van is the best vehicle for your business.

1. A Selection of Size Models for Your Specific Needs

The Ford cargo van has a variety of combinations for roof length and load-floors that you can choose from based on the specific needs of your company.

The 130-inch wheelbase provides you with the choice of two roof heights – low (83″) and medium (100″). The 148-inch wheelbase has a choice of three heights – low (83″), medium (100″) and high (110″).

2. Powerful, Long-Lasting Engines

When you have a business that takes a lot of power and strength to complete the tasks, you want a vehicle that will match in endurance.

The Ford cargo van has three different engines that are all built with durability and high performance in mind. There’s the standard 3.7L V6, the 3.5L EcoBoost and the 3.2L I-5 Power StrokeTurbo Diesel. 

Whether you’re looking for superior maximum gas torque or extreme horsepower, the Ford cargo van can deliver.

3. Versatility in Door Options

The doors on the low-roof transit are equipped with passenger-side 60/40 hinged doors or the option for a sliding door.

You can find standard passenger-side sliding doors on the medium and high-roof models. There is also an option of dual sliding side doors on the medium-and high-roof models. 

The rear door is designed to swing open, 50/50 hinged-,180 degrees on the 130-inch wheelbase model and 237 degrees on the 148-inch wheelbase model.

4. Capable to Handle Tough Jobs

The Ford cargo van is able to tow up to 7,500 lbs. There is a trailer brake controller (TBC) that works with the anti-lock brakes to create smooth braking for the vehicle. 

The van also has a GVWR range from 8,600 lbs. (single rear wheel) to 10,360 lbs. (dual rear wheel) and payloads that range from 3,020 lbs. (single rear wheel) to 4,650 lbs. (dual rear wheel). You can even load your ladder racks up to 420 lbs.

5. Modern Technology for Smoother Trips

Who doesn’t love a newer model car with amazing technological features to make your trips a little easier?

The Ford cargo van has an available feature called the SYNC 3, which is an user-friendly, responsive voice-activated device. The technology seamlessly connects to your smartphone and also has a built-in navigation system that you can view on the touchscreen.

6. Easy Upfitting

Customization is no issue with the Ford cargo van.

There are 13 upfitters located close to assembly plant in Kansas, Missouri. This gives you more options of an upfitted van to your liking and quick delivery for a fast return to working.

Consider Investing in a Ford Cargo Van for Business

This business cargo van offers lots of features and capabilities to assist your company in getting the job done. The Ford cargo van was built to offer you versatility, power, improvement in productivity, and durability.

If you’re looking for more options to get started with a new work van for your business today, check out our van inventory for a dependable vehicle.