Is it time to upgrade your company van? Perhaps you are just starting your business and are in the market for a new cargo van to help you get around. 

There are a lot of options out there for you to choose from. 

A great choice is the Nissan cargo van. But which Nissan cargo van is the one for you? There are several Nissan vans for sale on the general market, and whether you go for a new or secondhand model, you are making an investment in a solid asset for your business.

Let’s take a look at the best Nissan cargo vans for you and your business. 

Nissan NV Cargo

With v6 and v8 options, the Nissan NV Cargo is a solid choice for those looking for a new cargo van. While not the flashiest of models, it is built for work and comes with attachment points for shelves, racks and equipment mounting. 

It handles well for a big van, while the 234 (standard) or 323 (high-roof) cubic feet in the cargo compartment mean it should be large enough for most needs.

For those looking for a functional van without any frills or special features, this is a perfect choice. 

NV Passenger

If you are looking at this range of Nissan vans, then you would be wise to choose the SV model base and the v8 engine. This gives you an extra level of comfort and useful features. 

The van itself is sturdy and nice to drive, while the different seating combinations mean it has a versatility some might find useful. 

In its base design, the Passenger is more designed for transporting people, it can be configured for cargo loads offering 219 cubic feet of space. The towing capabilities, especially the v8 model, also help this model stand out, with a maximum tow load of 8,700 pounds.


A neat 4-cylinder van with great mileage, the NV200 is a tidy investment. One of the most affordable vans by Nissan, for those on a budget, or startups looking to save money, it would be a sensible choice.

However, for that, you need to accept that this van is somewhat more economical with cargo space. The NV200 offers just 123 cubic feet of space and a 1480 payload limit. That being said, this could be more than enough to meet your needs. 

Choose Any Nissan Cargo Van: You Won’t Be Disappointed!

When buying a Nissan cargo van, you are making a wise and sensible investment. The eventual model you choose will ultimately be driven by your needs and your budget. 

It is reassuring to know that you are investing in a quality and reliable vehicle. 

Now that you have your new cargo van, it’s time to get it fitted and ready for service. Call us today and ask for a quote on getting your van kitted out so that you can get your business on the road.