ISOChem Pest Control Vans 

Commercial Van Solutions is proud to partner with industry leader Gruau and their IsoChem system. Add IsoChem to select vans to create an efficient vehicle, designed to transport the hazardous chemicals needed by pest control companies.
IsoChem completely separates and isolates the van cargo area from the passenger cabin area. This barrier prevents any transfer of hazardous vapors, fumes, and smells. Gruau has invested in extensive testing for their IsoChem solutions, guaranteeing positive results.
The IsoChem system is available for select models of the Chevrolet City Express, Ford Transit Connect, and Nissan NV 200 vans. Download whitepapers with specifications for each van below.
In addition to the standard IsoChem package, choose from a wide variety of shelving options to best fit your business needs. Commercial Van Solutions is proud to offer you a complete custom IsoChem package for your pest control van – an experience unmatched in the industry!