2019 Ram Promaster Dodge Commercial Van Buyer’s Guide

Are you a business owner or fleet manager? Do you need a commercial van to transport your goods and services?

Then you deserve the best of the best.

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles is gaining traction and respect in the automotive world. Its stock went up a whopping 20% in 2018

Fiat owns many brands that we know and love: Dodge, Chrysler, Fiat, Jeep, Ram (and that’s not all). So if you’re looking for a new commercial van, you may want to consider something within this realm.

For the purposes of this article, we’re talking about the 2019 Dodge commercial van. It’s a new year, so why not treat your business to a new car, such as the Ram Promaster? 

Should you consider adding this vehicle to your fleet? We think so – and here’s why.

The Dodge Commercial Van: An Ideal Cargo Van

One of the first reasons to consider this ride is its ability to store and transport. Ram’s website boasts many awesome specs, such as:

  • Lowest cargo floor, making loading a breeze
  • Highest cargo height, allowing ample room for materials, upfitting, etc.
  • Widest cargo width, hitting a sizeable 75.6″
  • Over 460 cubic feet of cargo capacity

If you need to move precious cargo, the Promaster is a no-brainer. It has a huge amount of space, which you can leave blank and roomy or stack with refrigeration, custom shelves or storage cabinets.

Its tow capacity is also one that impresses. When properly equipped, it can carry up to 4,680 pounds! And with a hearty, award-winning V6 engine, it’s sure to get the job done.

Fun and Useful Perks

The Ram Promaster van offers these unique features:

  • 180° swivel seats for the front and passenger seats
  • A rear back up camera that displays itself on a touchscreen, making navigation easier 
  • A 36-foot turning diameter, allowing for a nice, tight turn. Great for those crowded workspaces and drop-off locations

Some more great perks include its options in models. As well as the classic, there’s the window version (equipped with large side windows) or the Cab styles. The Cabs have no roofs, which means no height limits!

Upfitting Options Galore 

The Promaster van is a blank canvas that you can leave as is or perform some upgrades on. Vans like this are great candidates for upfitting.

Most fleet managers are familiar with the term “upfitting.” What does that mean?

Taking the stock version of your van and making customizations that fit your van/the type of work it does. In other words, making alterations to any type of complete or incomplete vehicle. 

What types of upfitting should you know about?

  • Installing a ladder rack
  • Adding refrigeration
  • Adding storage cabinets and/or shelves
  • Custom welding
  • Handicap/wheelchair access
  • Van wraps/graphics – great for promoting your business as you drive around town!

Now the question remains: Should you upfit a van you already own or purchase a new, upfitted van? To answer this, consider factors such as your fleet’s age and condition. Think about what safety features are important to you and your team.

Custom Cargo

There’s no question about it. A customized cargo van can improve your business’s profits and functionality. Let it work for you as it drives for you!

The Dodge commercial van is a great contender, and for many reasons.

Once you’ve figured out which van is best for you, it’s time to make some alterations. Here’s what you should expect from a quality van solutions company!